Our Green Screen Backgrounds offer an unlimited selection of backgrounds to choose from. Perfect for any event from Weddings to Birthdays to Community Events. Green Screen Backgrounds allow your guests to go anywhere in the world, or out of it. Your background selections are only limited by your imagination.


Our Draped Background is ideal when your looking for a more formal photo. Our standard drape selections are Black for a more formal look or White for a brighter look.

Have something else in mind? We can make it happen, just let us know what it is.


Our Event Background setup is the most requested wedding background and also the most inviting to your guests. A wedding is one of those rare times in life when the whole family is all together in one place, at one time. The Event Background is perfect for those Multi-Generational photos. No booth to crawl into or mysterious drapes to move aside.  The Event Background is also the perfect playground for the notorious photo bomber.

We offer 3 different background setups:

Event Background, Draped Background, and Green Screen Background.


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